Europa y el Imperio

Reflexiones sobre un proceso constituyente

Europa y el Imperio - Antonio Negri - Akal
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What does Europe mean for the left that is trying to invent another possible world? What will a united Europe mean in the international context if the left fails to unleash a European construction project that is radically committed to solidarity, democracy and equality, and is capable of playing its progressive political cards on the world board? Is it possible to devise a European policy that can function as a definitive opening of a transnational horizon strategically pivoted around the dynamics of the new constituent realities of the multinational labor force? What social strata, what pressure groups and what political movements fight or advocate the European construction process? And what social, political and economic model does each of them propose? These are some of the issues that Antonio Negri addresses in this book, which starts from the conviction that Europe is the more


Book: Europa y el Imperio

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