Expresiones de violencia escolar

Análisis, Evaluación, Prevención

Expresiones de violencia escolar - Alba Luz Robles Mendoza - Colofón Editorial
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Colofón Editorial
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This work is the product of the Network of Teaching, Service and Research in School Violence of the FES Iztacala-UNAM, whose multidisciplinary institutional program works around this social phenomenon as an unquestionable reality that we live every day in university classrooms. School violence has been underestimated, remaining hidden in the everyday. The various studies that make up the work expose the reality of this school violence in different areas and in the different types of violent coexistence that occur at the university level. It also shows the participation of teachers to intervene in school spaces (from preschool to higher level), where not only factors of the institution converge but also individual, family and social circumstances in the student body that, from the different disciplines that make up the Faculty, diagnose and intervene for new non-violent coexistence at ...read more


Book: Expresiones de violencia escolar

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