Fabricar al hombre nuevo

¿trabajar, consumir, callarse?

Fabricar al hombre nuevo - Jean-Pierre Durand - Akal
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Making the new man proposes the modeling of men and women who adapt to the changing needs of work and open up questions about the integration of the norms that emanate from the productive system and the sphere of consumption. The author analyzes in detail the conversion from the workplace, where new qualities and competencies are required in the workers, but also in the field of consumption, a space in which an extension of the logic of the capital. By scrutinizing Lean Management, Jean-Pierre Durand offers a more complete reading on the sources of “discomfort at work”, warning us not to get caught up in perspectives that atomize the symptoms of discomfort into psychic causes, which constitutes an invitation to think in an articulated way in global processes, in the reorganization of the production of goods and services, as well as in the social situations that are built inside and ou...read more


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Book: Fabricar al hombre nuevo

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