Fabulaciones, imaginería y libertad

Fabulaciones, imaginería y libertad -  AA.VV. - Paraíso Perdido
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Paraíso Perdido
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In 2008, Dime Poesía was born at Iteso with the aim of promoting poetry as a living artistic expression, closing the poetic cycle that involves not only the creator but also the readers or listeners and generating a space for reflection, exchange And the expression freedom.

10 years away, the scope of the project has expanded to other genres and literary expressions. Likewise, Dime Poesía has tried to channel and continue to foster the concern of the public attending by writing through invitations to other literary activities, such as workshops, talks and meetings, or calls such as the one that has given rise to this book.

This anniversary edition seeks to compile and reproduce a session of Dime Poetry, so that the reader - even those who have never participated in one or who are far away - enjoy the texts that make it up as much as if they were listening to them live.


Book: Fabulaciones, imaginería y libertad

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