Fantasia y Razon

La arquitectura en la obra de francisco goya

Fantasia y Razon - Ricardo Usón García - Abada Editores
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"Fantasía y razón" started with the curiosity that the few architectural drawings that we know about Goya. Already some scholars had mentioned them, but it was necessary to deepen, on the one hand, the relations between these projects and the culture of their time and, on the other, the relationship between the "architectures" projected by Goya and the architectures of his paint. Ricardo Usón García, municipal architect of Zaragoza since 1981, is the author of author of professionally awarded works. He has excelled in the recovery of urban spaces such as the squares of Our Lady of the Pillar, Santo Domingo or San Pedro Nolasco. He has also carried out numerous works and architectural projects for public facilities and is currently the Director of Architecture Services of the Zaragoza City Council.


Book: Fantasia y Razon

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