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Ferdinand - André Gide - Cabaret Voltaire
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Cabaret Voltaire
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Tapa Blanda

«Among my father's papers, I found a small erotic novel, dated 1907, entitled Le Ramier (Ferdinand" The Wood Pigeon "). For various reasons, friendship or morality, Gide did not publish it. As for the episode it narrates, I certainly didn't need to see it posted to remember it. All you have to do is read it to realize the pleasure it gave you to experience and relate it. »
Catherine Gide (2002)

Story of multiple parabolic and allegorical interpretations, lyrical-mystical narration of a night wrapped in sensuality, starring two hedonistic characters, a preceptor-initiator (Gide) and an innocent but without false shame (Ferdinand), diaphanously autobiographical, openly vindicating a solar homosexuality (in the light of the full moon), of desire as the driving force of the journey no return to the depths of self. A study of the story, with unpublished extracts from the Gide-...read more



Book: Ferdinand

ISBN: 9788493518585