Filosofía para desencantados

Filosofía para desencantados - Leonardo Da Jandra - Atalanta
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This philosophical essay on ethics is not a mere manual of etiquette to use. From the beginning, showing a warrior who fights for freedom of thought without giving an inch to the egocentric temptations of contemporary disappointment. As Guillermo Fadanelli says in his foreword, "Da Jandra, from its lively philosophy, searching and moral demands an understanding of the world to reconcile man with himself, that is, with the other rejects the simplistic visions and utility dictate moral statements from the scientific fact, loathes the merchants of globalization, fight against relativistic philosophers who reject the existence of a moral and spiritual order capable of containing, and discuss with the disenchanted that socially isolated and makes his exile victory ".


Book: Filosofía para desencantados

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