Friquis - Fernando Lobo - Almadía
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Tania Monroy is the host of the most popular program on Saturday morning. His fixation of the moment is to tune his nose in what would be his 21st cosmetic surgery. After running into the refusal of his usual doctor, the vedete gets operated, but the procedure goes wrong and she is mutilated. A paparazi manages to photograph what was one of the most beautiful faces in the country, which now looks like a monster. The director of the magazine Farándula, Mac Cervantes, aims to find the most sensational news of the medium (even if it is not true). This time he is lucky and finds his cover note in the failed operation. But the Monroy mounts in anger and urde the dismissal of Mac, in addition to a desmedido lesson by the public humiliation. Former military lovers, pop singers in sexual ecstasy, producers on the verge of disaster. The new novel by Fernando Lobo takes place in the midst of more




Book: Friquis

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