Fundamentos de historia de la música

Fundamentos de historia de la música - Carl Dahlhaus - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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"For several decades, historians feel threatened by a loss of interest in history and sometimes even are threatening its institutionalized existence." In this essay, the author proposes a rich set of criteria and concepts that allow the music historian face their task beyond mere chronological inventories, which barely exceed the guidelines provided concerts and operas. This book provides a lucid discussion of the most influential in the philosophy of history, in direct relation to the particularities of the history of music concepts. So in this book involved Max Weber and the "value judgment" or considerations about the role Teodor Adorno tone music in the history of music. What is the music: a reflection of the reality that surrounds the composer or the outline of a world opposite to that reality? Are you bound by common roots with the political events and philosophical ideas? Or more


Book: Fundamentos de historia de la música

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