Funerales preventivos

Funerales preventivos - Juan Villoro - Almadía
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Leaders who are vaccinated in health insults and condemnations well merecidos--all that will bring the future and history, and to escape the vengeance of his political rivals and rancor of a people who hate late challenge, invent anticipated funerals; thus become former presidents who are declared dead because they are very alive, pull him take over the privilege of the feet of his rivals, and can speak from beyond the grave knowing that nobody will contradict.
Given the choice between voting for the government of change or vote for the candidate of the restoration of the same, the country lives in a zigzag where it seems that evasive action is useless: we received the worst, ever, of all possibilities. outlandish characters in an impoverished country but with a high concept of loyalty: it is true, above all, to their vocation and continue to sink while drifting.



Book: Funerales preventivos

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