Gaudí: símbolos del éxtasis

Gaudí: símbolos del éxtasis - César García Álvarez - Siruela
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Gaudí's work can only be fully understood when the fundamental role that the symbol plays in it is perceived, which reveals not only its deep relationship with the hermeneutical tradition that fuses Christianity with romanticism, but also the subtle threads that unite it with the aesthetic feeling present in the works of his contemporaries such as Marcel Proust, Oscar Wilde, Nietzsche or Thomas Mann.

The symbol in Gaudí not only serves as a means of synthesizing architecturally, with infinite voracity, multiple levels of meaning: religious, historical, natural, literary, metaphorical, popular, numerological, mythological, biographical, scientific ... but also as a harmonizer of opposites: constructive reason and decoration, nature and art, geometry and imagination, flesh and spirit, pain and punishment to create and redemptive ecstasy to illuminate the form of an architecture more


Book: Gaudí: símbolos del éxtasis

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