¿Y si la vida, el arte, el erotismo, Dios, fueran distintos?

Gedankenexperiment - Manuel Fons - Paraíso Perdido
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Paraíso Perdido

A mental experiment (gedankenexperiment) is a way to explore scientific or philosophical problems unrealizable by empirical means. The laboratory where these experiments occur is the imagination. And if philosophizing provokes orgasms? What if there was a law that punished awkwardness? What if we compared our life with that of a cat? What if Kubrick had arrived first at the Moon ?, and if our imagination replaced reality ?, are some of the mental experiments that make up this book. Gedankenexperiment is a graphic and philosophical entertainment, where Manuel Fons reflects, through aphorisms, occurrences, anecdotes, about the topics that animate his curiosity, such as life, reality, technology, art, God, the universe.


Book: Gedankenexperiment

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