Gnosis y tradiciones sagradas

Ensayos y epistolario en torno de la obra de Francisco García Bazán

Gnosis y tradiciones sagradas -  AA.VV. - El hilo de Ariadna
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El hilo de Ariadna
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The work of Francisco García Bazán, of astounding proportions, is presented as a journey of high scholarship around the most complex topics in the history of religion and philosophy —gnosticism, neoplatonism, hermeticism—, in which it has become A leading reference in international specialized research. And it constitutes at the same time a synthesis of critical thinking about the intellectual atmosphere of today's culture, marked by desacralization and symbolic destitution. In this book, several researchers have studied some aspect of a work that is a pioneer in the investigation of the symbolic treasures of sacred traditions.


Book: Gnosis y tradiciones sagradas

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