Goethe y el despojo

Los costos del progreso, el Sur, la incertidumbre, los demonios…

Goethe y el despojo - Armando Bartra - Itaca
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In the name of civilizing advance is it ethically acceptable and historically legitimate to violate and dispossess people and destroy their natural environment? Are these damages admissible if we see them as collateral balances of modernization? In Goethe and the dispossession Armando Bartra is immersed in the ethical dilemmas posed by one of the sharpest edges of modernity: the human and natural costs of progress.

The subject is approached from an absolute literary classic: Goethe's Faust and in particular of his last part that deals with the crimes to which he carries the constructive impulse of the protagonist, an entrepreneur engaged in the construction of large marine dykes of the whole Similar to mega dams, open pit mines, pipelines and roads that today destroy our environment.

The question of dispossession leads to the idea of ​​nature, to the conception of histor...read more

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Book: Goethe y el despojo

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