Gracias conejito, por una tarde maravillosa

Gracias conejito, por una tarde maravillosa - Jimmy Liao - Barbara Fiore Editora
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Barbara Fiore Editora
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In 1998, Jimmy Liao debuted with Secrets in the forest, a delicious illustrated album, with which he manages to recover the distant fantasy of our childhood, the secret dreams that we hid and forgot in the forest of time. Thank you Bunny for a wonderful afternoon is the continuation of Secrets in the Woods. Many years later the girl has become an old woman and she decides to visit an abandoned zoo where she meets the rabbit again. Together they recover all the beauty of that time and the poetry that only dreams can transmit. Dreamless cities are sad places, for children and adults. A walk through the dreams and secrets that can only occur in complete solitude and by the hand of the imagination. Sweet and sad, fragile and gentle, Jimmy Liao's style responds to a simple and delicate line, full of expressiveness and elegance, without losing a certain childish air. When Jimmy started more

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Book: Gracias conejito, por una tarde maravillosa

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