Habitaciones - Alberto Mendoza - Paraíso Perdido
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Paraíso Perdido
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Tapa Blanda

Every year, since 1974, the state of San Luis Potosí recognizes the work of Mexican authors with the Premio Bellas Artes de Cuento Amparo Dávila, which was awarded in September 2019 to the Jalisciense writer Alberto Mendoza for his work Rooms.
In this book, as his name anticipates, the stories take place inside enclosed spaces: in hotel rooms and motels, departments, hospitals and circus tents, thus creating a certain atmosphere of intimacy, but also of hermetism; inside, unexplained and indecent phenomena occur: men who disappear, others who are gladly enclosed, deceived young people, women and children deprived of their freedom, or those who face the abyss of their vast being.

Rooms is a suspense book that invites the reader to open the twenty-four doors that make up it to discover behind them a new mystery, a new intrigue or a new revelation. It is a walk through the v...read more


Book: Habitaciones

ISBN: 9786078646180
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