Habitar maravillosamente el mundo

Jardines, palacios y moradas espirituales en la España de los siglos XV al XVII

Habitar maravillosamente el mundo - Dominique de Courcelles - Siruela
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In the Spain of the 15th to 17th centuries, with the great travels and the exploration of unknown worlds, a new consciousness of the earth and of time appeared, expressed through new literary and artistic representations. The world, until then closed, is transformed into an infinite universe. The art of building gardens or palaces, of narrating an experimental journey or a poetic and mystical quest, of painting landscapes and celestial glories attests to a renewal of the gaze —philosophical, alchemical, theological, political. Each object, at its scale —palace, garden, story, painting— supports a way of being of those who travel it with their body or with their eyes. The art of the princes and their architects acquires a mystical intention: to inhabit the world wonderfully, in harmony with the earth, water, air and luminous fire, is to inhabit it as it is; that is, to experience the d...read more


Book: Habitar maravillosamente el mundo

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