Hacer actuar

Stanislavski contra Strasberg

Hacer actuar - Jorge Eines - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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What counts in the survival of an art like the actor is, above all, to preserve those human qualities necessary to exercise it in a free and fully. If it is to succeed at all costs as Marylin Monroe and Marlon Brando, all means to achieve the desired professional success seem worth it. However, we must be aware of the high price usually paid for it and also an exercise in critical realism, knowing that most of the actors and actresses conclude their training or employment relationship with the art of acting without fame, money or, in the best case, with little work. Whoever discovers a place of belonging that goes beyond social success will also discover while learning not to be demoralized, not to be subjected to the immorality of anything goes as long stardom and recognition of the media and the public. In this sense, and from the perspective of teaching the art of acting, what are ...read more


Book: Hacer actuar

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