Hacia un Marx desconocido

Hacia un Marx desconocido - Enrique Dussel - Siglo XXI Editores
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Between August 1861 and July 1863 Marx wrote twenty notebooks. This material was consulted by Engels and Kautsky to publish Volumes II, III and IV of Capital. Partially known by subsequent Marxist tradition is 1472 manuscript pages that comprise the 2384 pages of the edition published in German between 1976 and 1982. This work of Marx is a crucial link between the Grundrisse in 1857-1858 and Manuscripts 63-65, before Capital 1867. In the present volume, the author makes a comprehensive review of the Manuscripts of 61-63 -the first of the world- order, but actually starts a little earlier, in January 1859, and thus includes Chapters I and II form the content of the Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. "In the Manuscripts of 61-63-Marx says the author constitute new categories required by a didactic discourse to be interning in reality [...] Discover by us the 'necessity' ...read more


Book: Hacia un Marx desconocido

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