Hegel. Notas de trabajo

Hegel. Notas de trabajo - José Ortega y Gasset - Abada Editores
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Editing Domingo Hernández Sánchez "It makes no sense to expose Hegel, but to see how our problems appear in it and what their vision is instructive for our problems," says José Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) in one of the notes work collected in this volume. Ortega and emphasized his ambiguous relationship with Hegelian ideas: if, on the one hand, insisting with it in the distance that separated him from Hegel, on the other recognized the need to resort to it as the basis for themes and concepts in their thinking. Philosophy of Hegel's history to historiología Ortega, certain aspects of the Hegelian concept of 'spirit' to the Ortega of 'life' or the Hegelian interpretation of Latin America to Ortega met, lived and studied, reception Hegel thus becomes a determining factor for the philosophical discourse of Ortega time. This first volume contains all the notes work Ortega explicitly devot...read more


Book: Hegel. Notas de trabajo

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