Heidegger y la cuestión ecológica

Heidegger y la cuestión ecológica -  AA.VV. - Prometeo
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Tapa Blanda

This work offers, through its three authors, a lucid and substantive raised with regard to the ecological concerns of our time. Without ignoring the contributions of various sciences, its philosophical reflection is oriented to characterize the human attitude and action that give rise to such concerns in the realization of a type of objective and dominating rationality and a globalized order of world that deploys it causing the devastation of nature and consequently of the human being himself. They analyze different aspects highlighted by various authors who have dealt with the subject, stopping above all in the characterization of the metaphysical way of thinking and its current finish, made by Heidegger, together with the relevant attempt to overcome (Dina V. Picotti)


Book: Heidegger y la cuestión ecológica

ISBN: 9789875747432