Heráclito - Martin Heidegger - El hilo de Ariadna
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El hilo de Ariadna
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Heraclitus includes two seminars taught at the University of Freiburg: "The beginning of Western thinking (Heraclitus)", from the summer semester of 1943, and "Logic. The doctrine of Heraclitus of the Logos ”, of the summer semester of 1944.

In the first, Heidegger starts from the figure of Heraclitus as a "dark" philosopher to refute the traditional interpretations of his thinking and bring forth a reflection that does not disregard that initial truth that is only revealed when hidden. On the basis of a reordering of the transmitted fragments, Heidegger analyzes immanently the relationships that establish fundamental concepts of Greek thinking as being, being, nature and truth, while exposing the limits and deviations of metaphysical thinking every time that he has confronted the initial thinking.

In the second, Heidegger dismantles the Greek scientific triad (logic, ph...read more


Book: Heráclito

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