Hipatia, Bruno, Villamediana

Tres tragedias del espíritu

Hipatia, Bruno, Villamediana - Ignacio Gómez de Liaño - Siruela
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Hypatia, Giordano Bruno and Villamediana exemplify how few the tragedy that has befallen spiritual values ​​when they encounter intolerance. Hypatia excelled as a philosopher, astronomer and mathematician, and directed a prestigious school in Alexandria until his death, at the hands of fanaticism in 415, already twilight hung over the ancient world ensangrentara. Giordano Bruno, born in the Renaissance, taught his bold philosophy of the world and mind in Paris, London and Prague, suffered years of prison in Venice and Rome, and would be condemned by the Inquisition to die at the stake in 1600. Juan de Tassis Count of Villamediana, friend, disciple and protector Gongora excelled as a loving, satirical and mythological poet in the court of Philip IV, made his life a great poetic game and died in the street of Madrid in 1622 victim of an attack epoch. Of the three you can say that they w...read more



Book: Hipatia, Bruno, Villamediana

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