Historia de la literatura Romana. Tomo I. 

Volumen I

Historia de la literatura Romana. Tomo I.  - Michael von Albrecht - Herder
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History of Roman literature of Michael von Albrecht is the first Spanish edition of the monumental Geschichte der Literatur Römische in its second expanded edition, revised and updated in both content and the extensive bibliography. This is an essential work for understanding not only literary, but also the character and spirit of a civilization that has influenced European literature today. This book is aimed at students and teachers of ancient and modern languages, and patristic Christian literature, as well as anyone interested in literature and history of thought. Conceived as a complement to the History of Greek Literature by Albin Lesky, History of Roman Literature also considers lesser known writers continually addresses the theory of ancient literature, language and style, the history of tradition and influences later. Ancient literature includes not only the poetry and narrat...read more


Book: Historia de la literatura Romana. Tomo I. 

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