Historia de la sexualidad. V.3

La inquietud de sí. Volumen 3

Historia de la sexualidad. V.3 - Michel Foucault - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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Addressing sexuality as a historically singular experience required to unravel the knowledge that it refers, dive into the systems of power that regulate its practice and, especially, understand the forms according to which individuals are conceived and are declared as subjects of this sexuality . History of Sexuality, the most ambitious project in the works of Michel Foucault, which only managed to publish the first three volumes, is a dazzling, iconoclastic exploration of the games of truth by which the human being has been recognized as a man of desire. His third volume, The care of the self, deals with a subject at once ancient and very contemporary: the formation of the individual in the Hellenistic and Roman experience. Body care, the rules of marriage, relationships with women and young men as well as the representation of pleasure and its uses are part of the political and cul...read more

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Book: Historia de la sexualidad. V.3

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