Historia de la tecnología - Vol 5

Desde 1900 hasta1950

Historia de la tecnología - Vol 5 -  T.I. Williams - Siglo XXI Editores
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The importance of technological factors in the development of society has not received sufficient attention historiography, in contrast to the historical emphasis on political and constitutional or modern, social and economic history history. Therefore this work is unique in both its purpose and its approach. Initially conceived as a short version of a long history of technology published by Clarendon Press (Oxford), his approach differs substantially relative thereto. Tried the history of technological development appears closely related, in every age, with its general historical perspective. Chronologically the text is divided into three parts: the first (vol. 1) covers up to 1750'm beginning of the industrial revolution in England, the second (2 and 3 vols.) Continued exposure to 1900 and the third (4 vols. and 5) exposure continues until 1950. The decision to stop at this date is ...read more

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Book: Historia de la tecnología - Vol 5

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