Historia de las religiones - Vol. 8

Las religiones constituidas en Occidente y sus contracorrientes. - II

Historia de las religiones - Vol. 8 -  Anónimo - Siglo XXI Editores
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The scientific study of religious facts in and of itself, just as human made accessible to human observation, rejecting prejudice and refraining from value judgments inevitably brings into play and ultimately ends up calling into question the religion itself . This is undoubtedly the ultimate explanation and threatened eventful career that has followed here the history of religions. Institutionalized long ago at all levels and in all countries the histories of art, literature, philosophy, history of religions has lived in precarious, and today, when it seems as if the apprehension or fear that inspired declared in another knowing that unnecessary time had already passed, another major obstacle stands in their way: the skepticism about the theoretical viability, given the autonomy of the history of religions. The constant awareness of the precariousness of their autonomy is not the lea...read more

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Book: Historia de las religiones - Vol. 8

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