Historia de Roma/Vol 4/Libro V

Fundación de la monarquía militar

Historia de Roma/Vol 4/Libro V - Theodor Mommsen - Turner
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The fourth and last volume of the History of Rome deals with the founding of the military monarchy. It begins with the series of coups d'état and revolutions that ended in the dictatorship of Sila, to continue with the rise of Pompey and his performance in the military campaigns in the East and, finally, with the hegemony of César, the conquest of the Gauls and the advance of the borders of the Roman dominions in the West. The pages devoted to the analysis of civil wars and the role of political leaders, especially César, are among the most brilliant and controversial of this monumental work.

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Book: Historia de Roma/Vol 4/Libro V

ISBN: 9788475066080