Historia del Arte II

Del Renacimiento al arte contemporáneo

Historia del Arte II - Juan José Martín González - Gredos
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This history of art, a manual initiation into the matter, useful for its clarity and precision exhibition for both students and people interested in the subject, was first published in two volumes in 1974. This teaching work focuses on aspects technical, formal, typological and thematic that best define each time, without forgetting its aesthetic influence and evolution of content. The work is provided with abundant reproductions of works of art, always commented and representative of different periods, from antiquity to modern times. The explanation is complete with a vocabulary of basic artistic terms. All this helps to create a manual of great interest, which has also benefited from an update of the literature, with a wide selection of web pages dedicated to art and history.


Book: Historia del Arte II

ISBN: 9788424917241
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