Historia del libro

Historia del libro - Frédéric Barbier - Alianza editorial
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Alianza editorial
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The history of the book is part of the long history of cultures and is undoubtedly one of the most fruitful ways of accessing knowledge. FRÉDÉRIC BARBIER understands the HISTORY OF THE BOOK as an "interdisciplinary discipline" since although the book and its predecessor the roll have served as support to literary history, it is no less true that economic, social, political, technological and Have strongly influenced their evolution. The work is articulated in four parts, the first going back to the appearance and evolution of writing, to conclude in the times that precede the Gutenbergian revolution. The period of the incunabula forms the second part of the work, and concludes the third with the fall of the «Ancien Régime». The fourth part analyzes the book from the triumph of the French Revolution to the present day, paying special attention to the new technologies and to the revolut...read more


Book: Historia del libro

ISBN: 9788491040491