Historias de la prehistoria

Lucy, el hobbit de flores y otros ancestros

Historias de la prehistoria - David Benito del Olmo - Esfera de los libros
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This book is a fascinating journey through the great events of Prehistory that have allowed us to learn more about our ancestors: from Lucy to the hobbit of Flores, through the Great Dolina of Atapuerca, the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania or the fraud of the "Piltdown Man", among many others. David Benito brings us this extraordinary story, informative, bold and highly documented, that will lead the reader to get excited through the small stories of the discoveries of our farthest and most unknown past in order to better understand the origin of those who began to build the world we all know today.
Prehistory is in all likelihood the most unknown stage of our exciting history. This book, original and fun, brings a new vision in which our farthest ancestors take on the historical importance they deserve as the origin of the progress of our civilization, valuing not only their ability ...read more


Book: Historias de la prehistoria

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