Humanismo y anarquismo

Humanismo y anarquismo - Ernest Cañada - Catarata
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Humanism and anarchism is an anthology of Berneri's writings written between 1915 and 1937. This edition breaks a long silence and tries to recover the memory of a generous humanist who gave his life for revolution in Spain. The publication of Humanism and Anarchism also aims to make known to today's readers the best and most alive of anarchist thinking that breaks molds and boxes. For its early criticism of the devirtuation of the revolution in Russia, for its argued defense of federalism and for its illuminations on the Spanish civil war, Humanism and anarchism is a work that can be seen as an exemplary witness of moral and political commitment, as an exponent of a critical, renewing and antidogistic anarchism, as an open thought to dialogue with other traditions of liberation at a time when men and women gave their best to change for the World.


Book: Humanismo y anarquismo

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