Ideologías lingüísticas

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Ideologías lingüísticas -  AA.VV. - Catarata
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Linguistic ideologies are cultural representations, explicit or implicit, of the intersection between language and human beings in a social world. Mediators between structures and forms of speech, such ideologies do not only refer to language, but rather connect language with identity, power, ethics, morality and epistemology. Through these connections, these ideologies reinforce not only language forms and uses, but also serve as the basis for important social institutions and fundamental notions about the person and the community. The essays included in this volume examine definitions and conceptions of language in a wide range of societies around the world. Structured in three parts: "Scope and strength of the dominant conceptions on language", "Linguistic ideologies in institutions of power" and "Multiplicity and controversy between ideologies", is a seminal work for researchers more


Book: Ideologías lingüísticas

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