Iluminaciones sobre ciudades en Benjamin

Iluminaciones sobre ciudades en Benjamin - Peter Szondi - Cuenco de plata
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Cuenco de plata
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Tapa Blanda

The meaning of the experience is not yet exhausted, since it represents at the same time the reversal of that which in Proust and also in Benjamin emanates from the metaphor. Just as the name abandons the seagulls because the sky divides them and the difference becomes more evident than that which unites them, in the metaphor two different things lose their identity with themselves, because due to an analogy discovered by the poet they adjust a to another. In Proust, the metaphor is used to search for lost time, according to his own idea. In the same way as the experience of the madeleine, the metaphor must also elevate man above temporality through the link that he creates between a present moment and another past. Thus, in Benjamin, comparison can give support to memory, when looking in the past for signs of the future. Then the two members of the comparison behave with each other more



Book: Iluminaciones sobre ciudades en Benjamin

ISBN: 9789873743559