Inclusión digital para la inclusión social

Contextos Teoricos Modelos De Intervencion Y Experiencias De Inclusion

Inclusión digital para la inclusión social - Ana Isabel Zermeño Flores - Colofón Editorial
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Among the myths that spread with the advent of information and communication technologies. There is the democratization of knowledge inspired by the idea that there was a technology that finally made possible the dream that societies could access these technologies, nor was it clear how to use them, how to obtain better opportunities or better living conditions by appropriating them. This book addresses the problems associated with access to capacities and use of ict, critically discusses and from different theoretical trenches the link that these technologies have with human development, proposes a comprehensive model for digital inclusion from community work with a view to achieving the inclusion of this model. This is expected to make a contribution to those who plan and carry out projects of digital inclusion and social inclusion for development, as well as those in charge of more

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Book: Inclusión digital para la inclusión social

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