Iniciación en la intemperie

Poesía reunida (1937-1994)

Iniciación en la intemperie - Vicente Gerbasi - Calygramma
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Tapa Blanda

In all countries that make up what we call Latin America, poetry in the nineteenth century was neoclassical and then romantic to lead to Modernism. Although there was no manifesto, all the literary clocks of Latin American countries were synchronized with this new form advocated by Rubén Darío (1867-1916), theoretician and officiant endowed with a huge literary talent that allowed him to exercise leadership in the entire field of the language written in Spanish. Modernism, in the first place, was the adoption and appropriation of the symbolism that emerged in France, and that was acclimatized in an amazing way in our countries, where it acquired distinctive characteristics due to its thematic and linguistic audacity. Another would have been the history of our poetry if Rubén Darío had not existed. Although Modernism had outstanding poets in some countries more than in others, we must more



Book: Iniciación en la intemperie

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