Interacción y proyecto familiar

Evaluación individual, didáctica y grupal por medio del Test de la familia kinética actual y prospectiva.

Interacción y proyecto familiar - Renata Frank de Verthelyi - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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Tapa Blanda

It is suitable here its use to adolescents and adults, includes a second slogan for its sequential application that stimulates the projection of the family image visualized in the future and presents a systematization of interpretation criteria for the specific analysis of the current kinetic family and its comparison with the prospective kinetic family.

The "kinetic family" is also incorporated as a consensus technique for group-level application.

The versatility of the test and its sensitivity to detect the influence of growth and change situations at the individual and family level are exemplified within the text in specific topics such as pregnancy, separation and death.

The author sets out the historical foundations of the test, deepens the dynamic aspects of personality and presents the evaluation criteria in a clear and systematic way, making this work an more



Book: Interacción y proyecto familiar

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