Introducción a la lectura de Lacan II

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Introducción a la lectura de Lacan II - Joël Dor - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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"The author proposes a methodical research line, which runs through the tight fabric of Lacan's work, and exposes, step by step in a logical presehtación of exceptional clarity, all clinical and theoretical articulations you can clarify the dependence of subject regarding significant order. in this way, find opportunities, dad to explain concepts as fundamental as the subject, the unary trait, the signifier, cutting, identification, analytic act, ghost, sexuation. It also shows the justification of the topological raids Lacan, as explanatory supports, and brilliantly demonstrates its legitimacy with an argument that associates the rigor with simplicity. "




Book: Introducción a la lectura de Lacan II

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