Introducción a los ecosistemas urbanos

Introducción a los ecosistemas urbanos - Leonardo Martínez Flores - Ibero
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In this book, a fresh way of perceiving the city is offered. The approach developed and the tools used allow us not only to understand it better but to discover the existence of unknown facets and unsuspected processes. By laying the groundwork for studying the city as an urban ecosystem, the author demonstrates the strength of ecosystem analysis through illustrative examples and case studies that expand knowledge on the functioning of cities and move them to reflect on the urban phenomenon. It indicates the reasons why air pollution and health impacts can not be reduced without changing the paradigms of current urban planning. Transparent mechanisms that explain why the existence of certain oligopolistic or monopolistic markets can be related to the level of water tables. It breaks down the endogenous and exogenous processes of the powerful phenomenon of induced transit. It also more


Book: Introducción a los ecosistemas urbanos

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