Investigación sobre los principios de la moral

Investigación sobre los principios de la moral - David Hume - Prometeo
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The Research on the Principles of Morality (1751) is the result of David Hume's reworking of the third book of the Treaty on Human Nature (1740). It is a work that presents important changes related to the design of the assembly. Also, according to some interpreters, the text would incorporate substantive changes. Based on empirical premises and using experimental methods, Hume tries to prove, in discussion with ethical rationalism and selfishness, that, while the existence of specifically moral practices among human beings ultimately depends on a particular feeling (the feeling of humanity), in order to be able to adequately account for the complexity of these practices and , above all, the universality and impartiality that characterize moral judgment requires the intervention of the probable reasoning, which is capable of making considerations about social utility. It is, in fact, more


Book: Investigación sobre los principios de la moral

ISBN: 9789875583634