Ja Genau A1 Band 1, CD-Audio

Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Ja Genau A1 Band 1, CD-Audio -  AA.VV. - Cornelsen
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Ja Genau! is specially developed for students 16 and older who have little or no experience with the German language._x000D_

Each course book consists of seven (7) units complemented with its pages of exercises._x000D_

The method provides:_x000D_

* A clear and structured progression_x000D_
* Multiple tasks and objectives that encourage diversity_x000D_
* Entertaining approach, integrated and participatory as well as mini-projects for innovative classes_x000D_
* Extra information about intercultural communication



Book: Ja Genau A1 Band 1, CD-Audio

ISBN: 9783060241668