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Jacobo reloaded - Mario Bellatin - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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If ever Mario Bellatin said that he entered the Sufi order without any spiritual pretensions, in Jacobo reloaded - new version of Jacobo the mutant, published in 2004 - seems to have poured, yes, the literary consequences of his devotion to this practice religious. As we walk through the structure of this book, the spectator immerses himself in something similar to a state of prayer similar to that experienced by the narrator, who spent almost thirty hours in a cell accompanied by his tasbih -a similar object to a rosary, Faithful of the Islamic religion, "invoking the ninety-nine names of God. The trigger is an image: a group of sheep grazing in a rocky area. The result is a novel about another novel, as an essay, on The Frontier, a supposed unfinished and unpublished book by the Austrian writer Joseph Roth, to whose fragments the narrator has access, thanks to the intermediation of ...read more


Book: Jacobo reloaded

ISBN: 9786077781844