Joseph Conrad y su mundo

Joseph Conrad y su mundo - Jessie Conrad - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Much of the more than eventful life of Joseph Conrad, an area full of unlikely events after leaving his native Poland, life has gone unnoticed for readers. In this book, which combines the best virtues of the novel and biography, quite frankly reveal details of the writer's life that only his wife knew Jessie: Private reactions as husband and literary genius; its melancholy mood and weaknesses; temperament and working methods; the powerful obsession with the sea and the struggle for the liberation of the creative soul of the writer. Thanks to his wife Jessie, you can now track the aftermath after having enlisted as a seaman with just 18 years, the experiences during his stay in France and England, as well as the outbreak of World War I in Vienna and his visit to the United States during the presentation of his books. Jessie Conrad also offers descriptions of the many people with whom more




Book: Joseph Conrad y su mundo

ISBN: 9788496867840