Cuentos de terror y locura

Kaiki -  AA.VV. - Quaterni
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Until the introduction of Chinese ideograms in the sixth century, Japanese was an oral language that had no writing. It is, surely, the country with the broadest and oldest oral tradition. The monogataru was the trade of telling stories orally and among all of them, the favorites of the Japanese, who have transcended beyond their borders, are supernatural and scary chronicles. In this compilation, the reader will enjoy a selection of chilling stories, stories that will drag us to a country full of myths, ancestral legends and superstitions. A remote and exotic place in which its inhabitants coexist with the ingrained belief that there are many types of monsters, imaginary and real, hidden among us. From incredible hermits that conserve the heads of their victims to young people marked by destiny that announce a final fate to the boats in which they climb, these stories will move in th...read more


Book: Kaiki

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