Kama Shastra

Los secretos del amor

Kama Shastra - kukoka  - Editorial Gedisa
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Legend has it that in ancient times the bull Nandikeshvara observed the god Shiva, lord of dance and beasts and his wife Parvati every night for a thousand years when they were engaged in their always varied love games. Because he was the guardian in charge of guarding the garden portal of this divine couple, he alone had this privilege and took advantage of it by remembering all the details of the movements that his masters were doing in order to refine his erotic pleasure in a thousand ways. Later, the bull told human beings what he had seen and great sages and poets wrote down their memories. Thus they became a book of a thousand chapters. Throughout the centuries many famous scholars wrote new treatises based on this ancient tradition. Most of them were lost, but among the few preserved is the Kama Shastra, which in the West remained unjustly in the shadow of the famous Kama Sutra...read more


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Book: Kama Shastra

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