Kant: Ontología y Belleza

Kant: Ontología y Belleza - Juan Carlos Mansur - Herder México
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Herder México
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Kant's thought revolves around the Ontology into an interest in approaching the non-dogmatic understanding of being. Kant, the self-confessed lover of metaphysics sees in it the inevitable forming illusions that encourage us to believe that we know being in itself, and calm, in this way, the yearning to reach the unconditioned principles of being. The beauty does not escape this illusion and is addressed by Kant in his Critique of Judgement._x000D_
In this third book of the critical period Kant answers the perennial question of Western Aesthetics: the relationship between being and beauty, which is in contemplation a path of ascent to reach the unconditioned principles of being and beauty the principle that gives unity and harmony with nature. From this perspective, Kant's reflection on the beauty and taste beyond the issues of philosophy of art and are directed...read more


Book: Kant: Ontología y Belleza

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