La apuesta municipalista

La democracia empieza por lo cercano

La apuesta municipalista -  AA.VV. - Traficantes de sueños
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Traficantes de sueños
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Tapa Blanda

Democracy begins with the next. The local politics, the nearby institutions, the candidacies directly formed and controlled by the citizens are today some of the elements that have gathered under the name of "municipalism". Here and there multiply the experiences of small groups of neighbors who simply want to "change things" and for that they start with what is closest to them. These are political projects of government that renounce the "party", the large organization structured by a certain ideology and subject to a pyramidal discipline. Its purpose is more immediate; It consists in returning reality to that identity between rulers and governed that formed the original definition of democracy and this where it should begin, where both terms come to coincide in the same people. Its purpose could therefore be named with the word self-government.


Book: La apuesta municipalista

ISBN: 9788496453999