La arqueología del saber

La arqueología del saber - Michel Foucault - Siglo XXI Editores
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The archeology of knowledge is a classic exercise of thinking foucoultiano counter, put a barrier to public areas of the social sciences and to establish new fields of research in philosophy and history cruce3 between. The big issue that arises is the discontinuity in history, ie the transformation, setting phenomena of rupture: Beneath the great continuities of thought, below the massive demonstrations and homogeneous a spirit or a collective mentality , beneath the stubborn becoming a science that is raging to exist and to be capped from the beginning, under the persistence of gender, in a way, a discipline, a theoretical activity, is now to detect the incidence interruptions. Written following the legacy of Marx and Nietzsche, The archeology of knowledge is a controversial text yet rigorous rehearsing search of theoretical tools to think of a historiography that prioritizes more


Book: La arqueología del saber

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