La biblioteca universal

La biblioteca universal - Kurd Lasswitz - Olañeta
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The universal library Kurd Lasswitz is the text that inspired Jorge Luis Borges his famous story The Library of Babel. With him we enter a dizzying world of unimaginable dimensions.

Kurd Lasswitz (1848-1910fue a physical mathematical remarkable, and German philosopher Kant specialist, and also a renowned author of novels and science fiction stories of great success in its time He called "the father of science fiction German "and it is compared with J. Verne and HG Wells and conveniently re-evaluated today. His most important work is the novel About two planets, which narrates the encounter at the North pole among a group of earthlings and Martians another. But the brief story we presented, perfect in its kind and impeccably rational argument, has the distinction of having inspired the author's own confession, according to the famous story of Jorge Luis Borges' the library of more


Book: La biblioteca universal

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