La brutalidad utilitaria

Ensayos sobre economía política de la violencia

La brutalidad utilitaria -  AA.VV. - Akal
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In the last five years, the spread of violence in Latin America has been accompanied by a large number of investigations that try to explain it. Most of the analyzes continue to privilege the exceptionality, the contingent, the abnormal. Thus, the idea of ​​violence as something that happens in impoverished or backward regions is prolonged. Contrary to these interpretations, this book offers a set of studies that analyze violence as a generalized process in which forces (physical, epistemic, psychological, symbolic) are combined with the aim of producing material differences in collective environments. The criticism of violence starts from its historical analysis, it is studied as a procedure inscribed in power relations, which functions to articulate collective interactions. The essays in this book explain the materiality of violence as a result of social communities, which, more


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Book: La brutalidad utilitaria

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